The UK Tarot Conference
von Samstag, 14. Oktober 2017 -  08:00
bis Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017 - 17:00
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Opening Ceremony with Wicca Meier Spring

Sasha Graham  TBA

Carrie Paris—Mediumship & Tarot: Divining with the Unseen – A number of tarot diviners have had their readings interrupted by unseen visitors from the Other Side. For some this can be a terrifying experience, while others view it as their introduction to mediumistic work. In this gathering we will explore the ins and outs of navigating disembodied visitors with a practice known as psychometry— a technique that leads itself to reading tarot as it divines the energetic imprint from an image or object.

Backing our work will be a variety of antique photographs that we will overlay with the new Relative Tarot deck and the latest Magpie Oracle: The Seer Charms Kit, both of which were specifically designed to pinpoint and give voice to the unseen. We will take a good portion of class time to interact with the realm of spirit through charm casting, tarot and psychometry.   Supporting the journey will be rare, historical images of mediums at work, their stories, tools, and fascinating talent for delivering messages from the departed. By the end of this class you will understand how to recognize, illuminate and deliver messages from the realm of spirit using old tools with a new twist.   Casting kits and Relative Tarot decks will be offered for use.

Kirsten Buchholzer  – Temperance: From Despair to Paradise – Learn how to increase your intuition with the aid of Temperance. Focussing on the beauty of the Thoth and Waite Smith decks, connecting with the energy of the artists Lady Frieda Harris and Pamela Colman-Smith, and looking at the cards position in the Tree of Life, Kirsten Buchholzer shows how to welcome the Forces of Balance into our world.

 Andre Aste – Tarot as Story Telling Machine – Over time the Tarot has evolved, changing its patterns, imagery and symbols and in turn so has the interpretation of the cards, becoming deeper and deeper. Tarot has seduced artists, writers and thinkers, the psychologist C.G. Young utilized Tarot to access the deepest and secret corners of our psyche via free association techniques, seeing in the symbols of the cards archetypical meanings and references. Italo Calvino, a famous Italian writer, used tarot as a story telling machine to write The Castle of Crossed Destinies. This is the powerful magic of Tarot: the ability of telling different stories; whenever we use it for answering a consultant’s question, for ours curiosity, for having inspiration or new ideas, we are using tarot as a story telling machine.   In the workshop we will: Enter and understand the allegoric mind of the Middle Ages and Renaissance period that produced the Tarots, discovering how each card is a universe of symbols, images, colours and each containing their own meanings steeped in historical and cultural references.

-Tarot as a powerful Story Telling Machine: From Young and Calvino to The Book of Shadows. The Lost Code of the Tarot. Techniques and ideas for reading Tarot as a combinatory game of meanings, symbols and images.

-Discover an individual path from the traditional meanings to a more personal, emotional and intuitive reading.

-Traditionally the deck of Tarot is seen as The Fool’s journey. Following Calvino’s hints, let’s deconstructing the conventional order of the cards to let them tell their stories.

-Techniques to free the imagination: creative exercises and free association techniques, to learn how to give symbols and images new ideas and meanings, in order to learn to see the tarot with new eyes.

Chloe McCracken – Angels of the Tarot: Temperance and beyond – Which angel is on the Temperance card, and how might that affect your interpretation when it comes up in a reading?  And which other angels are on the other cards?  In this workshop, we’ll explore the angels depicted in the tarot, and use some specially created tarot spreads to look at the angelic energies at play in your life right now.

Steven Bright – TBA

Veranstaltungsort* Thistle City Barbican Hotel, London